Sons of AMVETS

Dept of New York

Project Reporting is live!!

Go to  and sign up for an account, Once active you can enter Project Reports in as little as 30 sec per report​​.  Sept 1, 2014 is date that Sons of AMVETS can no longer use for Project Reporting

PNC Barnhill Project at Camp Hope

The new  cabin at Camp Hope is Built and dedicated to honor 

Army SSG Shawn Clemens who was killed in action in

Afghanistan in 2004.  From right to left:  Bill, Candy, Gavin, Clemens,

PNC John Barnhill, Camp Hope's Donna Deeter.

VAVS Representatives Needed!!

The Sons of AMVETS need VAVS volunteers--can you spare a little time each month to help your local VA medical center?  As a national group, we have volunteers at fewer than 15 VAMC's across the country.  If you are a volunteer, next time you visit VAMC, be sure your hours are listed to Group #322(Sons of AMVETS) and not listed under AMVETS.  For more info on becoming a Sons VAVS Rep--email

Cmdr Dan Briggs' National Project is to fund and reserrect the Activity Kits that have been discontinued by VA.


The "NY Squadrons" page has been updated to include ALL New York State squadrons, and officers


The Sons of AMVETS, Dept of New York helped LEEK Preserve upgrade its electric system by adding two 7500 watt generators.  LEEK can now handle all its electric loads on their own.

​The Sons also provided LEEK with a utility trailer that will be used to move blinds into the woods and return to storage following the seasons.

Type your paragraph here. opens new quartermaster shop!!

In a Feb 15 Executive Report, Harry Neal of AMVETS National Headquarters, announced that they launched a new quartermaster shop at  To date, they have hats, shirts, pins, etc.